Chua Residence

The design of the house relates the indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing the user closer to nature.


Due to the structure's size, the design also aims to ground and control the scale. The design is anchored by making use of stone finishes at the lower level while the upper level makes use of wood and light colors, adding warmth to the palette. It is then capped off with expansive rooms that seemingly float above the structure.

Upon entering the property, the user is greeted by large open areas and gardens. The greenery can then also be experienced from the inside as multiple large openings allow for multiple views of the outdoors. This brings in plenty of light and allows for natural ventilation. This semi-permeable design gives a feeling of being secure without being restricted.

Chua Residence

North Greenhills


Client: Mr. and Mrs. Chua

Staus: On going

GFA: 980 sqm.

Floors: 2

Project Team: