Human Scale

Human Scale, our first book, was launched at March 7, 2015 in Fully Book, Bonifacio High Street, BGC. Human scale is a collection of our work and ideas over the last 12 years. The book shows the story of how we have grown from a firm of four individuals to one of the top architectural firms in the Philippines. It also shows how the breadth and depth of our architecture and practice has grown through the years and how we continue to evolve and discover new ways of finding solutions for the urban future.

Human Scale deals with an architecture of ideas. Ideas that shape how we Filipino live, work, and play. It is a book not just about architecture, but how architecture needs to fit and meld with the human condition. In a hyper capitalist megalopolis is like Metro Manila where planning has been weak and undefined, architecture plays the role of creating influences by introducing archetypes that define and develop the growth of it surrounding neighborhood. This gives architects a very strong role in the way our cities are shaped and allows us to push for the ideas that we believe in. It is with this responsibility and mandate as custodians of the built environment that we hope to share with you our experiences and adventures in architecture as we continue to grow as architects and designers and tackle ever more challenging and exciting projects.