By definition, sophisticated design is controlled and contained but not authoritarian. The aesthetic is clean, crisp, smooth, and mature - a stark contrast to contemporaries in the market today. Pet shops are typically informal, active, and highly saturated fiascos filled to the brim with vibrant colors. In most cases, this works. It appeals to children and, by extension, families, engaging their excitement and wonder. However, this tends to confuse and overwhelm.

Petopia's concept aims to take the pet store model into the realm of higher art and design. With a monochromatic palette, the boutique showcases its products with elegance highlighting them without overwhelming its patrons. The design of the store introduces coherence into the wide array of the pet supplies available. Sleek lines provide the organization needed to curtail the mess and clutter common in most retail stores. Made for the design savvy pet owner, the store is a platform - the canvas on which your pet's needs are met.





Staus: Completed



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