Twin Lakes Chateau

A project under Global Estates, Twin Lakes Chateau is inspired by the French lifestyle, wineries and vineyards were key elements of inspiration for the whole interiors of the project.


The layout is geared towards encouraging interaction and communication towards guests, keeping spaces open yet intimate by proper material selections and ambient lighting.

East Town Center

The concept aims to reshape the existing shopping center by expanding spaces to create more activation areas that promote entertainment, dining, and leisure which will enrich the development as a whole.

With the play of forms and colors, the development will be a beautiful town center with a unique shopping experience.


With the use of rigid lines, sleek edges and continuous linear lighting, the space seeks to take the customers inside a simplified yet futuristic gaming arena contrasted by gray tones, subdued lighting and raw materials to imbibe a cool, neutral atmosphere that is conducive in gaming.

One Mall Naic

The form of the mall is a result from the adaptation to the irregular shape of the site. With the frontage of the mall, they are strategically oriented in a way to create an unobstructed view from the accessing roads to where the users can entirely see the ingress, creating a smooth transition of pedestrians or users upon accessing the mall. Providing an internal road for the site will help create a connection from the two ingress/egress and easy accessibility for the car.


By definition, sophisticated design is controlled and contained but not authoritarian. The aesthetic is clean, crisp, smooth, and mature - a stark contrast to contemporaries in the market today. Pet shops are typically informal, active, and highly saturated fiascos filled to the brim with vibrant colors. In most cases, this works. It appeals to children and, by extension, families, engaging their excitement and wonder. However, this tends to confuse and overwhelm.

Petopia's concept aims to take the pet store model into the realm of higher art and design. With a monochromatic palette, the boutique showcases its products with elegance highlighting them without overwhelming its patrons. The design of the store introduces coherence into the wide array of the pet supplies available. Sleek lines provide the organization needed to curtail the mess and clutter common in most retail stores. Made for the design savvy pet owner, the store is a platform - the canvas on which your pet's needs are met.

Il Fiore Gelato Lab

Il Fiorre Gelato Lab takes gelato making to the next level by creating unique flavor with the best ingredients. Naturally, the flagship store should be a reflection of this idea. Continuing the industrial characteristics of a laboratory and the whimsy fun of gelato making. The design represents a typical ice cream parlor that is slowly being transformed by a whimsical bug.

Agri Mall

"A.M., the shortened form of Agri Mall, was styled as such in reference and honor to the early hour that farmers rise to work every day."

The concept proposes the creation of an infrastructure wherein it can blend and attract its end-users to make them feel at ease when entering. The concept centers ona simple infrastructure from the outside but exemplifies the hard work and efficiency done within its closed structure. It shall serve as a social and public space that shall provide service as well as provide collaborative learning disciplines where myriad interaction will help foster the growth and development of the agricultural sector in the Philippines.

Holiday Island

Nestled in the northern part of Caloocan City, Holiday Island is a one-stop shop for leisure and shopping. Standing on a 3,360 square meter property, the mall shall provide varied shopping experience while providing affordable basic goods and a much needed free and open public space where people can congregate and spend time leisurely.

Seamless architectural integration, festivity, and shopper comfort played a role in delivering the fluid circulation of the mall. The canal lighting helps celebrate this architectural statement with carefully integrated to increase visual stimulation of the structure at night.