Chancellor Boracay

Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, borrowing  colors and forms, translating it into  elements  of design which allows the subtle representations of the beach to enter the hotel and flow within spaces. The Boracay beach experience does not end upon entering the hotel, but rather is an extension of it.

Twin Lakes Chapel

A project under Global Estates, Twin Lakes Chapel is inspired by European aesthetics and history.

Twin Lakes Chateau

A project under Global Estates, Twin Lakes Chateau is inspired by the French lifestyle, wineries and vineyards were key elements of inspiration for the whole interiors of the project.


The layout is geared towards encouraging interaction and communication towards guests, keeping spaces open yet intimate by proper material selections and ambient lighting.

Chua Residence

The design of the house relates the indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing the user closer to nature.


Due to the structure's size, the design also aims to ground and control the scale. The design is anchored by making use of stone finishes at the lower level while the upper level makes use of wood and light colors, adding warmth to the palette. It is then capped off with expansive rooms that seemingly float above the structure.

Upon entering the property, the user is greeted by large open areas and gardens. The greenery can then also be experienced from the inside as multiple large openings allow for multiple views of the outdoors. This brings in plenty of light and allows for natural ventilation. This semi-permeable design gives a feeling of being secure without being restricted.

LYF Residences

Situated at a point where bustling cities Quezon and San Juan meet is a place where busy people and wayfarers can find a place to re-energize. Surrounded by residential subdivisions, minimal condominium developments, and low-key business establishments, the location is ideal for backpackers and locals alike.


Creating versatile modules and multiple ways of pre-arrangement is the primary objective of the project. For this, we start with our most basic component, the boxed container.

Refining the narrow configuration of the container is key to generating adaptable components. For this, we needed to create a better opening for each module.

The strategy used is to add lounges at the openings and private areas at the ends to establish a more familiar living space and improved circulation from room to room.

East Town Center

The concept aims to reshape the existing shopping center by expanding spaces to create more activation areas that promote entertainment, dining, and leisure which will enrich the development as a whole.

With the play of forms and colors, the development will be a beautiful town center with a unique shopping experience.

Nueva Viscaya Convention Center

The goal is to design with the intent of creating a landmark that represents and captures the colorful culture, spirit and festivals of Nueva Viscaya.



The lobby is a space of excitement and energy, a prelude to the main attraction of the hall. Colorful treatments are made to represent different energies of people gathered in the space mimicking the vivid and lively colors of our local festivals.

In the main hall, irregular geometric walls and ceiling treatments give the space the illusion of movement as well as improves acoustic properties.

Cambridge Residences

Cambridge Residences is a 40-storey dormitory designed to cater to the needs of the students enrolled in the nearby universities. The character, form, and program are inspired by the sobriety and prestige of one of the oldest and most revered universities in the world.

The form, as well as the program, are straightforward, clear, and legible. The geometry is a straightforward, rectangular tower - imposing and confident. The units housed inside are arrayed to form an efficient circulation network in terms of safety and economy.