Design. Refine. Define.

We believe in and practice architecture that is socially relevant. Architecture that relates to the community, promotes urbanity, and develops society.

As architects and designers, we are often tagged as technical or artistic professionals. We would like to believe that more than that we are humanists. We are curators and proponents of the urban realm and we are in the business of creating places. Places that live and breathe, places that are a critical part of people’s lives and play a vital role in defining their sense of self and community.

Our studio is a place of ideas and possibilities. A place where design and architecture serve to create new and exciting possibilities for our clients and the communities that we serve. It is critical for us that in architecture we find the means to contribute concrete and definitive improvements to the city and to the lives of those which we serve.

In every project that we undertake, we ponder on the future and always strive to define the spaces that we create and develop. This design process requires a constant stream of dialogues and critiques in an atmosphere where open ideas can be shared, an environment that cultivates intense desires to constantly search for better and brighter solutions


Our studio is based on the idea that we love architecture. We enjoy it and we obsess over it. Every win is a triumph, every loss is crushing. We share knowledge openly and try to create a barrier-free system of knowledge and experience. As we welcome new members into our family each year, they undergo a blending process where their ideas and ours are recreated into a much stronger blend.