The Book Stop Project

Books are eternal, stories are passed down from one generation to the next, and stories are one of the greatest sources of creativity and invention. This makes libraries essential to the development of a more knowledgeable community and a critical and active citizenry. How are libraries relevant today? Are libraries front page news? How do we activate our public spaces and make people value them more? Should we reinvent the library or can the architecture be evolved to make them more suitable for today’s societies?

The Book Stop Project refocuses on the core program of a library as a place for books and reading, a space for human interaction, and a platform for learning. In place of a huge monolithic building with an extensive collection, The Book Stop is a network of mobile spaces spread across the city each with garnering far more foot traffic than the typical library. In a modern society where no library or bookstore can beat the collection of books that are available online, The Book Stop refrains from trying to reinvent the purpose of libraries. It instead works on rethinking the physical architecture and the distribution system of libraries, emphasizing casual serendipity and ease of access.

The project is a pop-up public library network that explores how libraries need to evolve to engage with and attract contemporary users and promote reading in the next generation, as well as galvanize communities by creating community events where people can interact and share ideas with each other. The project is intended to serve three distinct functions with a social component, a research component, and a program prototype component.

The project maps out various public spaces throughout the city that has a high volume of pedestrian traffic. It serves as a redistribution point for old books, allowing the open and free sharing or transfer of ideas from one person to another. It's mobility allows it to be placed in the most underserved areas and allows it to reach a broader slice of the population. It moves from neighborhood to neighborhood mapping and responding to local issues and creates a platform for civic discussion and community development.

As a research tool, it serves as a data gathering center for the demand for public libraries in various neighborhoods. This allows planners and policy makers to determine where libraries can make the most impact and which communities can utilize them the most.

The Book Stop Project is a prototype that determines the role that libraries play in contemporary urban societies and the shape that they may take as society develops and grows. How have we changed in our interactions with libraries and what sort of network depth and breadth would be ideal for our cities? The project seeks to reinvent the place and space that a library embodies and not the platform itself which distributes books and encourages reading.


Our cities and communities need the constant exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge in order to progress. If you share the same belief, help us make this vision a reality by becoming one of our partners.



In order to be fully operational, The Book Stop will require funding for the fabrication, operations and maintenance costs. You can be part of the initiative through a funding pledge.


We are looking for locations where we can install The Book Stop. If you think that your community will benefit from having a free public library on your location, you can join the project as our venue partner. This will entail that you will give us the permission to install one (1) unit of The Book Stop at your property for the duration of 1 phase (2 months), including the electricity provision.


Want to share the joys of reading? Be our book collection partner. If you are a bookstore company, a local or international publisher, or a library with books to spare, you can pledge to continuously donate books for The Book Stop for the duration of 1 phase (2 months). The ideal collection for 3 library units per phase is at least 1000 books, across all genres and types, whether brand new or second hand.


We need help in letting the world know about The Book Stop. If you are interested in writing a feature about The Book Stop, we can give you credits as our media partner

For book donations, partnership benefits and terms, please contact Mr. Bruce Tyrone Te Ingat

at 721-0418 or send an email to

or drop by our office at 224 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, 1102 San Juan del Monte.